How it works:

  • Find a deal
  • Find a deal for the product you are looking to buy and add the details to Beat My Deal
  • Get better offers
  • Other companies now get the chance to add their offers and try to beat the deal you've found
  • Pick the best
  • Pick the best deal offered on price, delivery, warranty or freebies they can throw in
About Beat My Deal

How it works for Shoppers Beat My Deal is designed to help shoppers find not just the best price, but the best deal. When a shopper sees a deal on a product they are looking to buy, he or she adds the deal to Beat My Deal to invite sellers and suppliers to try and ‘beat my deal’ with a better price, optional extra’s, better delivery, warranty guarantees or any other deal-beating feature they could offer.

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How it works for Suppliers Beat My Deal is the deal comparison website that is 100% COMMISSION FREE. You can make up to 3 offers every 30 days completely free but if you are serious about selling you can upgrade to become a Pro Supplier. A monthly subscription (approx. 30p a day) is all that's required to quote on as many deals as added by our shoppers. Regardless of how many deals you make or the value of those deals, no further payment is due, no commission charges on any customer purchases made via our site, your subscription fee covers everything. We'll even tell you when new deals are added.

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Beat My Deal is the smarter way to shop. Find a deal for the product you want and give other suppliers the chance to beat it

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